Requirements Gathering and Business Analysis

We will help you evaluate your market position and trends. The offered assessment of the place of your system in your overall business process flow can easily assist your future business strategy.

Project Estimation and Scheduling

Based on your input and budget we will determine an estimate and a tentative schedule for your project. Clearly marked deliverables and risk areas will be identified. A list of skills, hardware and software infrastructure for development, testing, deployment and production will be listed. Estimates for integration efforts, custom software component development, and testing will be provided. We make sure that you are presented with options and their respective costs, so that you can make an informed decision.

System Analysis & Design

Our proprietary methodology based on the best industry practices and methodologies will provide you with a full set of use case analysis documents, relational database models, static and dynamic object diagrams, state diagrams, object-relational mapping.

All high-risk areas will be addressed in this phase to minimize the overall project risk. A software development environment that matches your requirements and tool selections will be delivered. We will validate all the integration points and make sure that all major software components are installed and the connectivity between them tested.

We have implemented internally a Project Management System that helps provide structure and transparency in the interaction with our customers.